5 Reasons to Make the Switch to Solid State Drives

Contributing Writer

An alternative to high-performance hard disk drives, Intel® solid state drives can boost your client and data center systems to the next level in storage performance, reliability, and responsiveness. Here are five reasons why now is the right time to upgrade to SSDs.

1. Solid state drives provide power savings, low failure rate, and better battery life for your road warriors: Upgrade a notebook to a solid state drive, and you’ll see increased drive performance, better battery life, and a much lower failure rate than with standard hard disk drives.

2. SSDs bring increased reliability and performance to your servers: Smaller-sized SSDs are perfect if you need a highly reliable boot OS drive for your server, and the higher-capacity drives are ideal for replacing your old high-performance hard disk drives. Solid state drives are up to 100x faster than traditional hard disk drives under demanding server loads.

3. Your data center will benefit from solid state drives: SSDs work well for bulk storage, letting you access all the data across your entire data center at breathtaking, consistent speeds.

4. Upgrading to SSDs is easy: Solid state drives are still SATA, so you can plug a new SSD into any existing SATA infrastructure, be it in a notebook or server. And if you buy an Intel upgrade kit, data migration software and the necessary cables for your upgrade are included, making the transition as seamless as possible.

5. Solid state drives simplify compatibility: Intel has done extensive testing to make sure that their SSDs work with nearly every manufacturer.

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