Windows 10 Migration Made Easier

The Experts Weigh-In

Jeff Trent
Windows 10 on Surface

2017 is the year of Windows 10 Migration. If you have questions about installing or re-installing Windows 10, our team of experts has the answers. Recently, there’s been a renewed focus on integrated security with Windows 10 that is closely tied to security enhancements that hardware manufacturers have built into the new generations of PC systems. While many of the new features in Windows 10 will operate on your agency’s older PCs, we recommend that migrating to new hardware at the same time as Windows 10 can help ease your migration process.

A Secure Mindset

Windows 10 is the safest, most secure Windows ever. To protect your federal organization as the security threat landscape continues to grow increasingly more sophisticated, Windows 10 modern hardware provides:

  • UEFI Secure Boot
  • Cryptographic Processing
  • Biometric Sensors
  • Virtualization

Together, Connection, Microsoft, Intel, and the OEM partners can help your agency with the modern security landscape. For more information about Windows 10 security features and how to master the Windows 10 migration process, read our white paper.

Jeff Trent is the Vice President of Federal Sales and has over 20 years of experience leading Connection's Federal team.