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The latest IT news and computing solutions to improve your organization’s data center and data storage performance. From articles on initial set-up and expansion planning to the newest technological advancements and more. We’ll keep you Connected with our data center news.

A Sunny Outlook for Cloud Storage

Any organization embarking upon an IT modernization effort – be it for an XP upgrade, an infrastructure consolidation after an acquisition, or a legacy system swap-out – must factor storage…

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The Complexities of Storage Compliance

We live in a hyper-connected world filled with business executives who are hyper-sensitive about data security. As they should be. The healthcare and retail industries seem to be the most…

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Flash: More Data, Faster Access

Big data, regulatory compliance, and increased security scrutiny have contributed to storage-related issues such as data sprawl and long-term data retention needs. This has placed a huge and ever growing…

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Data Center

Does Your IT Provider Understand Your Data Center?

When AddThis, one of the Web’s largest infrastructure platforms, needed to upgrade their data centers, implementing an off-the-shelf solution just wasn’t an option. As the most widely used content engagement…

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Why Sensible Storage Matters

There are two simple truths when it comes to storage: every organization has data they need to store, secure, and manage – and that amount of data is increasing every…

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