TechSperience Episode 99: Addressing QSR Workforce Restraints With Elo In-Store Products


Learn how Connection’s partnership with Elo can help to address the new changes within the QSR industry, including staffing shortages, changes in customer demand and behavior, and supply chain issues.

Host: James Hilliard

Guest 1: Brian Gallagher, Retail Strategy Director, Connection

Brian is a Retail veteran who has spent the past 5 years supporting the adoption of new technologies in retail to deliver amazing experiences to customers and employees.

Guest 2: Luke Wilwerding, Sr. Director of NA Sales, Elo

With over 20 years of interactive technology experience, Luke is at the forefront of innovation as retail customers create new shopping journeys that push engagement, creativity, information, and commerce.  Elo solutions can be found across all verticals, with many of its’ over 25 million installations deployed in many of the most popular retail chains and luxury brand stores across the globe. Working with some of the biggest retailers around the world, Luke is in a unique position to understand what’s coming next in retail.

Show Notes:

[0:38] Introduction of guests

[1:28] What industry trends were QSRs seeing in early 2020?

[4:40] In mid-2020, how did the retail industry adapt to Covid-19?

[8:45] From a supply chain standpoint, what technology inventory began to run low as a result of Covid-19?

[10:45] Have the changes been beneficial from a customer standpoint?

[16:38] How can kiosks help with new and evolving employee responsibilities?

[18:30] How can Elo products support the new POS capabilities needed?

[21:01] What’s it like to manage the complexities that new technology products bring?

[23:56] What impact would adopting new POS systems have on retailers’ networks?

[25:45] What products are available to improve QSR employee productivity?

[29:00] How has the ease of use of employee technology products improved?

[34:52] What’s the experience look like when customers start the conversation with Elo?

[36:53] What’s an innovation that you expect in the coming months to a year in the QSR space?