Secure the Employees You Need

With Our Staffing Experts

Lila Nelms

These days, securing IT Talent is one of the top 5 concerns of IT leaders. Speaking with thousands of managers, directors, and above on both the infrastructure and application side, the question is clear: How do we attract and find the talent we need?

Organizations of all sizes simply cannot handle this task alone, as we continue in a low IT unemployment era. Supply is low and demand is HIGH. Luckily, you don’t have to feel you don’t have options. Connection has helped thousands of organizations locate the experienced IT skills set they need to accomplish their short and long term goals. HR departments and IT leaders have enough on their plate; wouldn’t it be great to have a proven partner to work alongside as technology-hiring expert? We can be that partner!

Contract/Project Staffing – Guaranteed

We can help you find technical expertise for 30, 60, 90 days or more. We customize our hourly rate to your exact IT need, length of project, location, and budget. One size does not fit all, and we are quick and flexible enough to work with you.

Contract-to-Hire – No conversion fees!

We have a 90 working day contract-to-hire program for any potential permanent position you require. After this period, you can hire our consultant for no additional conversion fees.

Direct Hire – Cost Effective

We have Direct Hire with 2 budget-friendly options: 16% conversion fee with a 30 day guarantee OR 18% conversion fee with a 90 day guarantee.

Payrolling – Effortless

Found your own candidate but can’t hire them yet? We can payroll the candidate back to you until you are ready to bring them onboard for a small admin fee.

Watch Part 2 of our IT Staffing Video Series; Secure the Talent, as Tim Duffy, Staffing Business Development Manager, Ken Pritchard, Sales Manager, Services Business Development manager, and I introduce some of our advantages and success stories. Our flexibility and ability to provide our best select candidate to your openings can free-up your time and provide fast relief to your core staff. We have an option that fits your goals and budget!

And don’t miss out on Part 1 of the series – Our Goal Is Your Success to find out ways to fill needed positions with the right technology talent.