Migrate to the Cloud with Azure VMware Solution

Makayla Mota

Do you have a cloud migration strategy in place? With so many options and considerations, it can be an overwhelming process to say the least. Imagine a way to support an expanding remote workforce and the ability to anticipate data center changes all while seamlessly modernizing your workloads and remaining consistent in your operations. 

Built by Microsoft, the Azure VMware Solution (AVS) constructs a fast track to the cloud by migrating or extending existing VMware workloads from on-premises environments to Azure without the cost, effort, or risk of retooling operations. The struggle for organizations relying on on-premises infrastructures has always been keeping up with changes on-demand. AVS lets you move your workloads from your data center to Azure, thereby integrating additional Azure services while continuing to manage your IT environments with the same VMware tools and functionality you already know and love. Because you can choose which workloads to migrate and when, you are given flexibility to accelerate your cloud migration at your own pace.

Top Benefits 

Reduced IT Costs: Azure Hybrid Benefit can save you up to 80% by running your VMware apps on Windows Server and SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance to Azure VMware Solution. You can also receive free extended security updates for Windows Server and SQL Server 2008 and 2012 licenses with Software Assurance for three-plus years after the End of Extended Support date. Reduce costs even further by selecting one- or three-year Reserved Instances for Azure VMware Solution.

Data Center Consolidation: Consolidate your data center footprint when you reduce or retire your VMware-based virtual machines using a one-time redeployment. You can shift any or all vSphere workloads to Azure in a scalable, automated, and nondisruptive way and be assured of operational continuity without the complexity of refactoring.

Application Modernization: With AVS, you can keep managing your migrated environments with the same VMware tools you already know, while you are modernizing your applications with Azure-native management, security, and services. It’s a simple and flexible way to take on modernization at your leisure. 

Security: AVS is Azure, so you can run your VMware platforms while feeling secure in your ability to protect your workloads with built-in controls and services across identity, data, networking, and apps. You will also get continuous protection from Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Security is always top of mind when supporting remote and hybrid workers and with more sophisticated threats on the rise, it is understandable to have concerns. Extend protection to hybrid environments and easily integrate partner solutions in Azure. 

Disaster Recovery: Did you know that by using a VMware Stack deployed in Azure, you are automatically setting up an on-demand disaster recovery site for an on-premises data center? The VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) brings proven data recovery capabilities to Azure VMware Solution by offering a streamlined experience for installation and lifecycle management directly through the Azure portal.

Ready to Get Started?

Our Connection Cloud Specialists are here to help you begin your journey. We will work with you to create, plan, implement, and expand your Azure environment using the same VMware tools and functionality you already know, allowing you to streamline and modernize your environment at your own pace. 

Makayla Mota is a Partner Marketing Specialist at Connection with a background in educational technology training on Microsoft solutions in the classroom. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, spending time with her family, antiquing, hiking, and watching movies.