Microsoft Surface: Built to Bring Out the Best of Windows 11


Together, Surface and Windows 11 deliver a powerful combination of elegance and engineering. Microsoft’s product developers and usability experts collaborated closely to ensure Surface meets the demands of the modern workplace. The result connects people and their ideas together better, while delivering operational confidence thanks to its robust security and simple management.

A Host of Reasons Why Surface Makes Sense for Your Business

Surface devices are purposely designed for employee productivity—that’s certainly part of the equation. That design, however, takes employee experience seriously, resulting in hardware that workers are proud to carry around. They’re lightweight and thin. Surface and Windows 11 are designed to adapt to each other as the user changes postures, optimizing the experience as a tablet, as a laptop, as a desktop—effortlessly switching automatically between modes. When the Pen is removed, the Pen menu instantly opens.

The display and sound quality make it feel like everyone is in the same room when collaboration is needed. And Surface devices deliver power, performance, and connectivity to ensure employees are free to create and innovate anywhere and anytime.

The ways in which Surface delivers all this are too many to cover, but it’s worth taking a look at an example in more detail. Microsoft engineers wanted Surface to have even more processing power, but they also wanted to increase battery life and performance. On top of that, the designers wanted an even slimmer, lighter form factor.

They achieved it through subtle innovations. For example, when an employee switches to inking, the display automatically increases to 120Hz to provide an optimal experience with the haptic pen. As soon as the Surface is changed to a different mode, the display reverts to 60Hz to reduce battery load. For all these challenges, Surface’s 61% longer battery life on average1 keeps employees working longer between charges.

Explore how Surface’s productivity innovations give employees the tools to succeed.

Surface Provides Proven Security

Enhanced employee productivity is just the beginning. Today there’s more and more pressure on IT to make flexible work possible, with increased cyber threats, tight budgets, and distributed employees adding to the challenges. It’s remarkable, then, that organizations report a 58% drop in security incidents with Windows 11 Pro devices.2

That’s made possible by the fact that Microsoft maintains all of the code in the Surface security stack, from firmware to the operating system to the cloud. It’s this unique advantage that creates a holistic approach to endpoint security. Surface devices run the most secure Windows operating system ever, and the CPUs have crypto-processor security measures built in. The combination of Windows 11 and Surface security innovations gives you unprecedented resilience.

Get more detail on how Surface and Windows 11 can help keep your employees and organization safe.

Surface Means Agility and Efficiency for Your IT Teams Too

The pressure on IT staff doesn’t stop with security. Deploying new hardware and maintaining it is a constant effort. Microsoft’s same innovative approach to usability and security is evident here as well: it’s easier than ever to deploy and manage Surface, resulting in 25% faster deployments and 80% fewer helpdesk calls.3

Those savings are thanks to Windows Autopilot, designed, engineered, and tested on Surface to provide a zero-touch deployment experience. Each Surface device arrives from the factory with Windows Autopilot already enabled. And management is easier than ever with Microsoft Intune, the single centralized solution for IT admins to self-serve, manage, and monitor all your Surface devices.*

All this is made possible because Surface has been engineered to work with Windows Autopilot in ways that both increase security and decrease management effort, allowing IT to fully manage Surface devices from Windows 11 down to firmware through a single cloud-based portal.

Boost your IT efficiency with a strategic endpoint management solution from Microsoft and Surface.

There’s more to the story about the innovations that make Surface and Windows 11 such a powerful combination. In coming posts, we’ll take a deeper look into more of the ways in which design and engineering challenges have resulted in extraordinary solutions. The results have produced Surface devices that in combination with the power of Windows 11 ensure employees are equipped to do their best work from anywhere, while providing robust security from chip to cloud and centralized device deployment and management to keep IT staff focused and productive as well.

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*Software license required for some features. Sold separately.