Mac Makes Sense. And Cents.


The Mac business today is stronger than ever. Mac continues to lead the industry in customer satisfaction—as it has for over a decade. And more customers than ever are choosing Mac for the first time. Over 50% of today’s buyers are brand new to the platform.

The story of Mac at work started with iPhone and its users bringing their own devices into their work environment. Employee choice and device choice are aligned to that same principal—the employee deciding how they want to work and how they know what makes them the most productive as a result.

Each of us recognizes the huge role that technology plays in the modern workplace. It influences how we live, how we work, and how we communicate. Jamf recently commissioned a study that showed an overwhelming number of respondents felt that aligning their work life to a device of their choosing was of great importance. So much so that almost 9 out of 10 respondents would give up part of their salary to get that choice. This is especially important as we look at the labor market today, and the war for talent that is occurring across an enterprise, in education, and the public sector.

Now, much of that demand for choice is being driven by the new generation’s experience prior to graduation. In fact, a study recently found that 66% of college students coming into the workforce are using a Mac—which is really kind of counter to the Windows-centric workplace.

We’ve known for many years—and a recent study also found—that students see organizations that offer technology choice to their team as more modern than other organizations. And up to 67% of those respondents would be more likely to join and stay with a business that offered that choice.

Back in 2021, Apple commissioned Forrester to conduct an independent study* of the impact of Mac and enterprise. The study found that customers saw reduced overall device costs, improvements in security, and improvements in overall employee experience when they deployed an updated M1-powered Mac device. At the time, those organizations were able to leverage that sort of additional power and performance at a much lower price point. That really helped them expand their Mac user base to new teams. And this was most important to us because we had a lot of companies say, “Well, we already have Mac. They’re for our creatives and our developers. What’s the financial benefit of offering it to more users?” 

Now, in case you haven’t seen this before, here’s the summary of the cost savings that Forrester found. The study found that—despite an average purchase cost of around $1,500 dollars for a well-equipped Mac compared to $1,200 dollars for a PC—Mac actually costs $843 dollars less than a PC on a per-device basis when we considered hardware, software, support, and operation costs over those three years.

And the good news is the experts at Apple and Connection can work with you to build your own analysis based on the study with the type of organization you are, the size and number of employees, and things like that to get kind of your own milestone that we can help you reach with best practices and managing Mac the right way.

The Next Steps

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*Forrester, 2021, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Mac In Enterprise: M1 Update