Episode 92 – Connection Inside Access: Shifting Gears, Retail to E-Tail: Understanding the Ecommerce Journey.


In today’s episode, James Hilliard, your host, welcomes Brian Gallagher, Retail Strategy Business Dev. Director at Connection, and Jamal Khan, President Global Digital and Ecommerce at Connection, to engage in a thoughtful discussion around the current state of retail, as well as the importance of developing an omnichannel strategy to meet your customers wherever they are.

Connection’s retail experts discussed understanding the fundamental impacts of digital retail today, evaluated true omnichannel health coming into the holiday season, store operations and labor hours strategies, and how to avoid critical mistakes along the digital retailing journey.

Host: James Hilliard

Guest 1:  Brian Gallagher, Retail Strategy Business Dev Director at Connection

Guest 2: Jamal Khan, President Global Digital and ECommerce at Connection

Key takeaways:

[1:28] Brian talks about the current situation in regards to the impact of COVID on retail.

[2:55] Jamal describes the core fundamentals that teams need to have under consideration in their retail transformation.

[3:46] The six legs of the e-commerce stool.

[7:30] Jamal talks about the value of data right now.

[7:58] Jamal explains the concept of individualized buyer psychology.

[9:17] Brain talks about the customization of the retail experience.

[10:52] What are the mistakes that are happening in retail and how can they be avoided?

[13:24] Brian shares the example of Amazon’s growth.

[14:26] How can your retail company measure progress?

[17:08] Jamal explains the critical value of having the right culture in a company in order to make transitions successfully.

[18:02] What is Connection bringing to the retail ecosystems?

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