Distance Learning Initiatives Thrive with Solutions from Microsoft


Schools across the country have had to move quickly to support remote and distance learning to ensure the safety and well-being of their students and their communities. In the scramble to achieve this, they are quickly discovering what works and what can be improved upon. Specifically, they are learning what technology is required to support their new reality, and really beginning to think about the adjustments needed to make distance learning more robust and effective.

Now more than ever, technology must enable students to take ownership of their learning, which is even more critical in a distance learning environment.

Collaboration Software to the Rescue

Microsoft Teams is one of those game-changing programs. Teams enables educators and students to create a secure virtual classroom, streamlining collaboration and communication effectively online without compromising privacy and security. Plus, Teams delivers features that help students, teachers, and staff work seamlessly together.

Teams can provide an online classroom where students can chat with their whole class, in groups with other students, and one-on-one with their teachers. It brings together virtual face-to-face connections, assignments, files, and conversations into a single, secure environment. 

The Best Way to Join Teams

Devices with Windows 10 Student Edition will help educators get the most out of Microsoft Teams. The HP ProBook x360 11 EE gives the most flexibility with a 360-degree hinge that students can flip and fold into a notebook, stand, tent, or tablet mode—allowing them to work in whatever way is best for them. Enabling them to engage deeper.

Microsoft Teams is a free Web-based application in Office 365 A1, and if you want to enable student productivity, working offline is also included in Office 365 A3, which includes ProPlus. When used alone, or with other aspects of Office 365, Teams can be the perfect solution for remote collaboraton.