Demystifying Microsoft 365 Defender

Krysten Harper
Microsoft 365 Defender

Via my email, I recently won an all-expenses paid vacation to Hawaii and received a generous scholarship offer to continue my education. I was contacted by Mackenzie Scott, three different Powerball winners, and Interpol—all of whom offered me a substantial amount of money in exchange for completing a very small task. Sounds too good to be true? Alas, as the adage says, “If it’s too good to be true…it’s probably spam.”

Spam is nothing new, but what is new and continues to increase in severity is the number of risks businesses today are facing. Keeping assets out of the hands of malicious actors was much more straightforward when you could place a perimeter around a physical corporate network. Nowadays, though, with Wi-Fi, remote working, and cloud services, assets are no longer in the physical network. Microsoft Security looks to address these risks and protect assets wherever they are by empowering companies to do more with less.

Which solution is right for your business? Let’s look at four short, real-life scenarios and the Microsoft 365 Defender solutions that can protect your company against a similar fate. 

The Curious Coworker

After a recent promotion, your coworker moves into a new corner office and finds a USB drive in one of the desk drawers. Unsure of what is on it, she plugs it into her laptop, only to find that it contains a virus.

Had your company utilized Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, this situation could have been avoided. Defender for Endpoint is designed to help enterprise networks prevent, investigate, and respond to advanced threats on their endpoints. It secures end-user devices, such as laptops or tablets, by providing protection from ransomware, malware, phishing, and other threats.


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

The Tantalizing Turkey

It’s November 15, and you receive an email telling you your company is giving you a free turkey for Thanksgiving! You haven’t heard anybody mention this initiative, but there is a company logo at the top of the email, and you really want this turkey. After clicking on the link to schedule your pickup time, you realize there is, in fact, no free turkey. You’ve just fallen for a phishing attack.

If this sounds like something that could happen at your organization, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is the solution for you. 

Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Defender for Office 365 is a cloud-based email filtering service that protects your business from threats—such as phishing or malware attacks—to email and collaboration tools. In addition to threat protection, it also provides investigation and remediation capabilities to help teams more efficiently identify and respond to threats. 

The Million Dollar Mistake 

You are looking for a way to better track customer referrals and come across a new app that looks to be just what you need. You enter all your customer information and are thrilled with the results! A few months later, the legal department calls you into their office to let you know the company has received a $2 million fine for breach of a customer’s personal information. 

How could this have been prevented? By utilizing Defender for Cloud Apps! Defender for Cloud Apps allows you to identify the cloud apps, IaaS, and PaaS services used by your organization. It also allows you to investigate usage patterns and assess the risk levels of more than 31,000 SaaS apps against more than 80 risks, enabling you to manage the apps to ensure proper security and compliance and prevent costly breaches. 

Microsoft Defender for Cloud

The Ill-fated Information 

A maintenance employee at a local elementary school uses their supervisor’s computer to gain access to classified information on the students and teachers. He downloads the information to an Excel spreadsheet and emails it to himself. 

In this scenario, Defender for Identity could have prevented this from happening by blocking the employee’s attempt to access the computer. Defender for Identity is cloud-based security that utilizes the customer’s on-premises Active Directory to identify, detect, and investigate internal threats, ultimately protecting your organization against malicious insider actions. 

Microsoft 365 Defender vs. Microsoft Defender for Identity

Every company needs modern IT security, but not every company has a trusted resource to help them protect their business. Connection offers Microsoft solutions for every step of your journey—from procurement, to consultation, to professional services, and ultimately to managed services. 

With an integrated Microsoft 365 Defender solution from Connection, your company can detect, prevent, investigate, and respond to threats and attacks across endpoints, identities, email, and applications. Reach out to your Account Team today to learn how embracing a do more with less approach to security can help you protect your business and optimize security costs in 2023.

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