Deliver on the Promise of Modern Work with Microsoft Teams

Josh Rodgers

Among other things, it’s safe to say COVID-19 has changed the way we work forever. The pandemic was a one-of-a-kind catalyst in transforming how we balance our lives and our work—and the ongoing impact of the coronavirus will remain a powerful force in daily life for the foreseeable future. Now no status quo is safe—as Gartner noted in August 2020, “Any location where people work can be a smart workspace.”

The modernized workplace is adaptable, flexible, and responsive to the needs of its people. It gives them the tools they need to succeed in unprecedented times. Even before the pandemic, Forbes observed that a modernized workplace provided its people with “flexibility regarding where and when employees work.”

Communication Tools that Work for You

As we move into the era of hybrid and remote work, merely having the correct licensing or telephony solution in place is no longer enough—you must properly educate and prepare hybrid and remote users (and management) for the best way forward and implement onboarding strategies meant to work on day one. The challenge can seem formidable: how to provide flexibility, nurture collaboration, and increase productivity? With Microsoft Teams, the tools are all there—it’s a matter of knowing how to best utilize them.

From assessment and goal-setting, to implementation, a DIY approach to Microsoft Teams can appear daunting. Fortunately, you don’t need to go it alone—at Connection, our Microsoft experts are always ready to guide customers to the solution that meets their needs.

Our approach to Teams calling preparation is two-fold: First, we hold a Teams Meeting Workshop with your organization. In this one-on-one, deep-dive planning engagement, we work with you to clarify Microsoft Teams with Phone System capabilities and Advanced Communication scenarios. Next, in our Teams Calling Workshop, we help you design, plan, and learn more about action plans for the deployment of Microsoft Teams Calling with Phone System.

After the workshops, we can also provide white glove services to deliver full implementation, solution design, and licensing recommendation, ensuring a successful deployment of the entire Teams solution.

Your Partners in the Future of Collaboration

Organizations will continue to evolve in their goals and expectations as hybrid, fully remote, and other structural changes continue to be part of the emerging new workplace. Connection’s mission is to act as trusted advisor throughout the entire process, removing guesswork, demystifying the licensing process, and delighting clients as we guide the way. In Microsoft’s own words, “The modern workplace requires companies to meet new employee expectations, connect a more distributed workforce, and provide tools to create, innovate and work together to solve business problems.” It is the combination of those tools—via Teams, flexible licensing options, and Surface hardware solutions—and Connection’s decades-long dedication to excellence and customer success where challenges are met and where we help you navigate, envision, and create your own modernized workplace. Let’s talk today so you and your people can talk and collaborate tomorrow—and beyond.

Josh Rodgers is a Microsoft Solutions Specialist at Connection, where he’s worked for the last nineteen years. When he’s not busy working in the yard or lost in a book, he spends his free time alongside the world’s most adorable dog.