Connectivity as a Cloud Service

Breaking the cycle of keeping the network connected

In today’s interconnected world, organizations are burdened with the expectation of having extended connectivity; so much so that an outage to Internet or phone systems can have a damaging financial impact. Given that connectivity comes in a variety of cloud services, companies both large and small are able to stay connected within their budgets.

The cloud enables network merging with the ability to add on additional services from redundancy to bandwidth depending on the particular needs of an organization. This shift in paradigm for networking has created a burdensome cycle for IT, though. For those organizations that are spending time and resources to keep the network connected, there are options other than finding IT professionals with the experience and expertise needed to navigate the cloud.

Few organizations have identical infrastructures, and Connection’s Cloud Practice looks at the distinctive desires and business outcomes of each organization to determine which cloud-computing technologies are right for your organization. Connection’s Cloud Practice then works with the Connection Network Practice to decide the best solutions for optimal performance.

The experts at Connection evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of every cloud category in order to design the solutions that will make savings, agility, speed, and flexibility a reality. After your solution is deployed, the Connection providers continue to work with you to review the quality of your network infrastructure and turn and connectivity into a reality for your organization.