Citrix Synergy—The Future of Work

Syed Ali

Citrix shared its vision of the future of work at Citrix Synergy this year. Citrix has been the leader and the gold standard in application and desktop virtualization for many years and now has taken a leadership position in data security, data analytics, mobility, file sharing and syncing, and data collaboration. It has merged all these technologies into a single platform, called Workspace. Workspace gives users a great experience with secure, contextual, unified, and instant access to all their SaaS and Web apps, files, mobile apps, virtual apps, and desktops from an easy-to-use, all-in-one interface on any device.

Users get seamless and secure access through single sign-on to all of their apps, while IT maintains full control—strengthening auditing and promoting corporate security. Workspace centralizes access to corporate SaaS and Web apps for unprecedented visibility and control. All SaaS apps are secured through advanced policies like watermarking to prevent corporate data leakage. Not only that, but Workspace also enables IT to onboard new employees or devices faster. Users now can access their Citrix Workspace from a Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Linux device in just a few easy steps.

As companies enable BYOD, users’ personal apps and corporate work apps can securely coexist on any device without compromising company data security. Users will have faster access to their files, whether they are stored in OneDrive, Google Drive, AWS S3 buckets, or Azure Blob Storage. The files stored centrally are synced dynamically across users’ devices for instant access.

Citrix cloud services have also become a major focus, as their adoption continues to increase. Customers really like the fact that they do not need to worry about the updates and maintenance of Citrix infrastructure components. Citrix cloud services simplify the delivery and management of Citrix technologies, extending on-premises deployments and creating hybrid workspace services. IT can deploy apps and desktops in hours not weeks—on any cloud or virtual infrastructure. Citrix cloud services offer the security IT needs to keep proprietary information in its control, and they’re simple to implement and administer from a single-management interface. Citrix announced at Synergy that it is extending platform support for Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

It was really exciting to see Citrix’s vision for the future of work and its initiatives in cloud, data security, and collaboration—along with its very intelligent data analytics engine. There were many exciting sessions and technologies that were showcased at this event, where it was evident that Citrix is still a leader in applications and desktop virtualization, content security and collaboration, and vendor-agnostic cloud support.


Syed Ali is a Citrix Certified Professional in virtualization and networking. His hobbies include traveling and exploring new places and culture, as well as playing sports like basketball, cricket, and table tennis.