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Help for Small and Medium Businessess Upgrading From Windows Server 2003

As Microsoft’s deadline for ending Windows Server 2003 support looms, some IT professionals may be overwhelmed by the complexities of a major migration. After support ends on July 14th –…

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Think ThinkServers to Maximize the ROI

Many IT organizations find themselves in a budgetary Catch-22: they need to find ways to lower operating expenses to meet budget demands and add workload capacity. However the organization is…

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Microsoft Makes the Move to Windows 10

Microsoft is slotted to release Windows 10 this summer – July 29th. Many people are skeptical of their ambition to create an OS that will function seamlessly across all platforms…

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Time’s Up-Do You Know Where Your Windows Server 2012 Upgrade Is?

Windows Server 2003 has been a reliable workhorse for over a decade, a bastion of corporate computing available in multiple editions targeted toward particular sizes and types of business. But…

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The Evolution of Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement

Software licensing used to be pretty cut and dry. You had a specific number of seats, so you bought a specific number of licenses. Well, it’s pretty clear those days…

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