TechSperience Solutions Episode 108: Current Trends and Challenges of IT Staffing


Internal hiring managers looking to fill IT positions are currently experiencing a wide variety of challenges. From low unemployment rates to a high demand for IT professionals due to hybrid and remote work environments, traditional recruiting activities are no longer effective. Listen to the podcast to learn what new strategies are needed to fill your IT positions and how Connection’s IT staffing services can help.

Host: James Hilliard

Guests: Patrick Dja Konan, Lifecycle Services IT Staffing Business Development Manager at Connection

Timothy Duffy, Lifecycle Services IT Staffing Business Development Manager at Connection

Show Notes:

[1:00] There are more IT positions open now than ever before.  

[1:47] The power dynamic has switched to those seeking employment. HR teams are under a lot of pressure to fill positions.

[3:48] Hybrid and remote working environments has led to the significant demand of IT staff.

[6:10] Internal hiring managers are under a lot of stress with many open positions to fill and retaining staff.  

[9:20] Hiring managers should understand the root need for the position. For IT and other specialized positions, working with a staffing company can help supplement the hiring team’s awareness of various industries and roles.  

[12:32] Posting positions on every job board will result in many applicants that won’t qualify. Hiring managers should work with IT teams on the job description and understand the career path.

[17:20] Less than 2% of IT professionals are unemployed. A best practice to find highly qualified candidates is to approach those that are currently employed elsewhere.   

[19:35] Nurture a talent pool by constantly interviewing and pre-screening candidates to build a database of potential applicants.

[23:10] Filling temporary positions and staff augmentation is another solution that may help for urgent project needs. There are many employees that enjoy contract or consultant work.

[26:05] Partnering with a company that specializes in IT staffing – that can serve as an extension of your HR team – can help businesses find the right candidate based on the need.