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Three of Our Favorite Changes to the Microsoft Tablet

Contributing Writer

Microsoft has done it again. They have introduced a product that can only be described as the thinnest, lightest, most powerful Surface Pro they have ever made. The Surface Pro 4, the newest generation of the tablet that can replace your laptop, highlights the new features of Windows 10 and features an updated accessory line that adds features and also works with the previous edition of the tablet.

Redefined for mobility. The Surface Pro 4 has been described as a portable workstation, including a new docking station that pushes the boundaries of greater functionality. If you are a power user that wants to use two monitors and have the utmost mobility, this docking station will be right up your alley, as its simple shape makes it extra portable and easy to pack. If you have already made the investment of the Surface Pro 3 Dock, however, don’t fret! That dock is also compatible with the Surface Pro 4. Just add a small Microsoft accessory to ensure a secure fit.

Get that traditional laptop experience – without the bulk. The keyboard has been updated to create a more laptop feel. The keys have been spaced out slightly, and it still manages to be the thinnest type cover Microsoft has created. Not only will you be able to type faster and quieter, but there is also now a larger trackpad to enhance your experience.

The Surface Pen gets even better. The writing experience is more exact and really gives you the feel of a pen or pencil on paper. As an added bonus, you can now also purchase pen tips that let you draw, color, or shade and create your own masterpiece. Plus, a very strong magnet lets you attach it to the side of the device, so don’t worry about misplacing it.

There you have it. Whether you’ve already invested in the Surface Pro 3 or are ready to get into the tablet game now, the Surface Pro 4 and its components are ready to enhance and transform your productivity on the go.