TechSperience Trends Episode 2: Legacy vs. Cloud-Native Apps


Since COVID-19 hit, cloud-native apps have become critical to the daily operations of most companies. At the same time, a lot of people are still using several legacy apps in addition to cloud apps. Looking forward, how should companies successfully migrate their legacy apps to the cloud? How should they decide which ones should move? In this episode, we explore the pros and cons of both legacy and cloud-native apps.

Host: James Hilliard
Guest: Ian Moyse

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Show Notes:
[0:39] Introduction of guest

[1:06] Without the cloud, could humanity have survived the last 18–24 months?

[3:30] Were you surprised we didn’t see more failures with the cloud in that time period?

[6:00] What do you think smaller organizations and users of the cloud have learned in the last year?

[11:25] What cloud applications are you surprised saw growth in the last 18–24 months, or are there some that are on the verge of seeing more adoption?

[15:43] For smaller businesses, it’s an even greater undertaking to migrate legacy workloads to the cloud. How do they overcome?

[21:06] How should companies address their home-grown legacy apps and how do they get them to the cloud?

[29:20] Where are we going to find the talent to fill cloud positions?

[35:35] What does the cloud landscape look like in ten years?