TechSperience Solutions Episode 106: Navigating Supply Chain Challenges With GlobalServe


Navigating the ever-growing complexities of today’s IT global chain supply issues is a challenging undertaking for any organization. In this episode, we’ll dive into how GlobalServe, part of the Connection family, is helping customers to tackle these challenges. 

Host: James Hilliard

Guests: Peter Waters, Senior Director of GlobalServe, Connection

Jessica Cerone, Director of Supply Chain at GlobalServe, Connection

Show Notes:

[1:11] Introduction of guests

[1:30] What’s one of the biggest issues customers are struggling with today?

[2:06] What is the solution to those issues?

[3:33] How can customers start to be more flexible with OEM standardization?

[5:25] Are people more flexible today than 2 years ago?

[6:24] Are we seeing more examples of customers mixing in different providers?

[8:06] What does the landscape look like from a global perspective where certain regions can acquire certain products?

[10:10] How can companies plan so far out when they were accustomed to an on-demand world?

[12:45] Is there any possibility of going back to where we were prior to Covid, or have things fundamentally changed?

[14:15] What are we seeing with pricing challenges?

[15:25] Are customers willing to pay more now, or are they still expecting bargains?

[16:42] How are we helping teams navigate shipping costs?

[18:41] How can you get creative with helping customers with these new challenges?

[24:58] How have GlobalServe’s connections established throughout the years helped them to navigate the challenges of Covid?

[30:35] What are some examples of customer success stories?

[36:22] How is the experience of working in so many countries?

[41:05] Contact information