TechSperience Solutions Episode 105: Microsoft Autopilot for Education


When COVID-19 hit, school IT teams found themselves needing to reevaluate the tools they were using. Modern solutions from Microsoft, including Autopilot and Intune, can bring an array of benefits to the education space. In this episode, we’ll explore how the education field can utilize these technologies in schools to benefit teachers, administrators, and students.

Host: James Hilliard

Guests: Lisa Trisciani, VP of State, Local and Education Field Sales at Connection

Rick Sabarese, Director of End-User Computing and Mobility at Connection

Show Notes:

[0:35] Introduction of guests

[1:00] What were the biggest things that IT teams have learned over the last couple of years?

[2:42] What was Microsoft Autopilot doing in other areas like the business world that the education space realized they could also benefit from?

[3:44] How have platforms like Microsoft Autopilot helped make it easier to get technology devices up and running for students?

[5:38] Why are education customers looking at Microsoft Autopilot today?

[7:51] Can a technology device be kept with an individual student and stay with them for their entire time in school?

[9:25] How can Microsoft Autopilot alleviate technology responsibilities from teachers so that they can focus more on teaching?

[12:45] What benefits does Microsoft Autopilot provide to parents of students?

[15:06] What is some of the early feedback from school districts that have adopted Microsoft Autopilot?

[18:32] How does our team work with a school district to set up Autopilot so these machines can hit the ground running as soon as they hit a student’s hands?

[20:20] In a hybrid environment, can Autopilot be utilized to manage Google devices?

[23:00] Are our students more well-versed in technology platforms today?

[24:44] How are schools funding new technology solutions? What are some of the funding opportunities out there?

[30:20] Contact information