TechSperience Solutions Episode 104: Who Is Protecting Your Networks, And Can More Be Done?


Does your IT team need an IT team? Here are insights into our Managed Services offerings and how they help teams to secure their environments. 

Guest: John Chirillo, Managed Services Director at Connection
Guest: Tony The, Services Businesses Development Manager at Connection

Show Notes:

[0:45] Introduction of guests

[1:35] What are the top security breach challenges that IT teams are facing today?

[4:26] Is stealing credentials still a security issue?

[7:03] Are customers currently more interested in investing in security?

[8:11] What is the foundation and framework of Connection’s Managed Services?

[9:49] Is the mindset of the organization more important than a specific technology?

[11:15] How do customers prioritize their security issues?

[12:36] How would Connection’s Managed Services framework mitigate specific security risks?

[14:29] Where do certain technology toolsets fit in?

[17:07] How can we get teams on their best security footing?

[18:30] Is there still a wide variety of acceptable risk levels?

[22:00] What’s the process for teams to understand and prioritize their security risks?

[24:05] How do you recommend that customers not get too far behind within their security environments?[27:25] What’s some memorable customer feedback you’ve received?