TechSperience Episode 98: How TIDC Is Navigating the Challenges of the COVID Era


In the unprecedented COVID era, the Connection Technology Integration and Distribution Center (TIDC) is still making things happen and doing more with less. Here’s how they are mitigating the current constraints on labor, supply chain challenges, and the COVID-19 delta variant.

Host: James Hilliard

Guest: Steven L. Crowther, VP of the Technology Integration and Distribution Center

Guest: John Milburn, Sr. Director of TIDC Operations

Show Notes

[0:40] Introduction of guests

[1:00] What are the biggest changes in customer demand?

[2:58] The Amazon effect and customers wanting goods sooner

[4:55] What were some of the things Connection did to adjust to changing customer demands?

[7:22] Where do we stand now with the work disruption that COVID-19 brought on 18 months ago?

[9:33] How can customers rely on Connection to get gear into end-user hands?

[10:32] What has been the change in the labor force and the equipment they need?

[11:35] What impact did the labor shortage have on customers’ needs for technology?

[13:07] What are some of the top IT requests due to the labor shortage?

[15:28] How can customers get insight through the TIDC about current technology offerings?

[16:44] Is the labor shortage crisis easing up?

[18:40] What should organizations be planning for in early 2022 to make sure they get the right gear as more people rejoin the workforce?

[19:38] Where do we currently sit with supply chain constraints?

[24:30] Are we having to introduce customers to new products due to supply chain constraints on their preferred products?

[25:37] When will the supply shortage end?

[26:00] What should we be thinking about to stay ahead of supply chain issues? [27:30] Are there certain technology products that you think might be limited in the coming months?