TechSperience Episode 124: Leveraging the Power of TIDC in Manufacturing


Manufacturers demand better technology delivery.

In this podcast, we’ll explore how Connection’s Technology Integration and Distribution Center (TIDC) can help manufacturing IT organizations invest in automation, tech modernization, and leverage our deep technology experience to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and free up it staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Host: James Hilliard

Guests: Ryan Spurr, Manufacturing Strategy Director at Connection

Mark Wulfhorst, Senior Director for the Solution Engineering Group at TIDC, Connection

Show Notes:

00:03 Introduction to Connections Technology Integration and Distribution Center

00:49 Challenges Faced by Manufacturing Customers

01:23 Disruptive Initiatives in Manufacturing

02:12 The Changing Expectations of IT

03:04 The Struggle to Hire Competent People

03:57 The Reality of IT Staffing in Manufacturing

05:30 The Increasing Demand for Better Technology Delivery

06:39 The Evolution of Customer Needs and TIDC Services

07:43 The Benefits of TIDC Services

08:57 The Impact of COVID on IT Delivery

11:43 The Transition to Windows 11

20:12 The Role of TIDC in IT Asset Disposal

22:05 The Engagement Process with TIDC

23:55 Conclusion and Contact Information