TechSperience Episode 103: How Public Sector Can Use Stimulus Funds


Learn more about the stimulus packages that have passed since COVID-19 and how it impacts information technology in the public sector space.

Host: James Hilliard

Guest 1: Jeff Chabot, Public Sector Segment Director for Schneider Electric

Jeff is the Segment Strategy Director of the Schneider Electric Federal Sales Team. His team is responsible to lead the sale, customer support, design, and implementation of critical power, cooling, and management solutions in U.S. government information technology environments within and outside the continental United States. In his 22 years at Schneider Electric, Jeff has held various sales and sales leadership roles in commercial sales, state and local government sales, and federal government sales. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science from Rhode Island College.

Show Notes:

[0:30] Introduction of guest

[0:45] What are the choices and funding that are currently available for the public sector?

[2:00] What should be at top of mind for State and Local to consider with the American Rescue Plan?

[4:05] Is there a time period that teams need to spend these funds?

[4:33] Within State and Local, what are some of the top areas where they can spend their funds?

[5:00] Where are IT professionals spending these funds?

[6:10] Where are K–12 focusing their purchases?

[8:05] Are there similar types of spending in Higher Education?

[8:57] What is the application process that IT professionals need to be aware of to access these funds?

[10:19] How smooth has the process and experience been for folks so far?

[11:13] Anything else we should know about the American Rescue Plan?

[12:25] Have funds started to be released for the new Infrastructure Plan?

[13:40] How is broadband defined now and how is it a part of the Infrastructure Plan?

[15:42] Will more rural areas see more funding for broadband investments?

[16:38] What are all the aspects of broadband that are covered in the Infrastructure Plan?

[19:43] Could the Infrastructure Plan help with supply chain issues, inflation, and efficiency?

[20:51] When can people begin to apply and access the funds from this new Infrastructure Plan? [21:22] What are some tips that you have that would make the most sense for people to spend these funds?