TechSperience Episode 102: The Tour De Force of Tech Collaboration


Finding the “best in class” IT resources to meet all for your wish-list items can be a challenge, especially when trying to future-proof your infrastructure and remote workforce all while maintaining security protocols and budgets during a world pandemic. Tech expectations continue to increase and the need for collaborative IT solutions has become paramount. 

What have other companies done to roadmap their next 5 years of success?  How have they overcome some of these challenges and mitigate the disasters of a wrong decision?  Find out on this episode of TechSperience as we explore a “tour de force” of tech collaboration.

Guest 1: Laura Belincky – Sr. Business Development Manager, BSG

Guest 2: Brian McGuffin – National Business Development Manager, BSG

Guest 3: John Maslanik – Business Development Manager, BSG

Guest 4: Brian Chandler – Director, Business Development Manager’s Team, BSG

Guest 5: Derek Olson-Sr. Manager, Business Development Manager’s Team BSG

Host: James Hilliard

Show Notes:

[0:38] Introduction of guests

[1:30] How do you start the process of learning about your customers and what their pain points are?

[2:55] What’s your favorite place to go to learn about a new customer?

[4:30] What’s a unique place where someone has been able to uncover new information about a customer?

[5:31] Currently, what are the biggest pain points you are hearing from customers where solutions providers can help?

[8:16] Besides logistical pain points, what are some personal pain points we are hearing from customers?

[10:48] How do you start imagining the resources that you can provide a customer when they ask for products and/or services?

[13:20] How does bringing in more team members to sit in on meetings allow for more potential resources to the client?

[15:25] Are customers surprised that Connection can offer more services than they initially thought?

[19:05] How often do you find a customer is willing to talk to another customer about their experiences?

[24:40] Could you design a new data center from the ground up?

[26:33] What are your goals when engaging customers?