TechSperience Episode 101: RTO and the Future of the Office


In 2022, many companies are navigating how to return to the office safely and smartly. In this episode, we address this challenge and explore some possible technology solutions surrounding RTO.

Guest: Tony Dancona, Digital Workspace Evangelist and part of Connection Lab. With more than 25 years of experience in virtualization and end-user computing, Tony is considered a thought leader in the industry. He currently serves on different Technical Advisory Board including Dell Technologies, VMware and CRN Channel Company IOT.

Host: James Hilliard

Show Notes:

[0:20] Introduction of guest

[0:45] What did work look like in 2008?

[2:36] What does work look like currently?

[3:45] How are customers defining in-office collaboration?

[4:40] Are we lacking anything from working remotely?

[6:15] How do we make today’s office safe?

[8:01] What technologies are you seeing most organizations trying to implement today to keep their offices safe?

[10:13] What benefits are there to utilizing some of this technology?

[11:25] Can some of this technology allow for exceptions?

[13:13] What technologies are companies looking at inside work environments?

[16:23] What verticals can this technology impact?

[17:31] How do we make offices smarter than they were a couple of years ago?

[20:51] What have been the advancements in conference technology?

[23:03] Give us a high-level primer on the Connect Aware app.

[27:50] To utilize the features of this app, what technologies are required?

[29:03] What changes do you expect to see in physical offices in the coming year?