TechSperience Episode 100: Windows 11 Is Here


Windows 11 Pro has arrived. Why should you make the switch? Listen in for more information on what you can expect from the upgrade—features, timelines, security, and more.

Host: James Hilliard

Guest 1: Burt Kersey, Lenovo Channel Account Executive

Guest 2: Ashley Lofaro, Microsoft OEM Senior Partner Development Specialist

Show Notes:

[00:19] Introduction of guests

[00:43] What are some of the promises of Windows 11?

[02:49] What can we expect from Lenovo devices as we start seeing Windows 11 roll out?

[06:00] What can we expect from the graphics interface of Windows 11?

[06:49] Can we set up custom desktops based on what you’re using with Windows 11?

[08:30] What’s the timeline for Windows 11 adoption and what are the conversations you hope to be happening during the transition?

[10:30] Are machines bought within the last year likely to accept Windows 11?

[13:55] What do teams that recently made a move to Windows 10 need to consider?

[14:53] What do teams that recently made a move to Windows 7 need to consider?

[15:46] What if a team buys Windows 11 machines, but needs to be on Windows 10 for a period of time?

[16:22] What are some things we can expect from hardware manufacturers like Lenovo to integrate with the security in Windows 11?

[19:30] What should IT teams be considering while looking at their networks before rolling out a more robust OS?

[21:51] What type of conversations do you anticipate you’ll be having with teams looking into Windows 11?

[24:08] Is there something that Lenovo is looking at from a supply chain perspective to get customers the gear they need to support Windows 11?