Episode 84 – Healthcare: Vonage Leaders Explore the Evolution of Call Centers and Communications


Throughout 2020 call centers have seen record-breaking call-in contact volumes. Your call center is often the first experience that a prospective patient has with your healthcare brand. Having the right technology in your communication solutions can make all the difference. Penny Conway, your host, talks with leaders from Vonage and Connection about how the cloud can help you create an optimal patient experience from end to end.

Host: Penny Conway

Guest 1: Brian Gillman, Vice-President of Product & Solutions Marketing at Vonage

Guest 2: John Fuhrman — Partner Alliance Manager-Cloud for Connection

Key takeaways

[1:31] Brian introduces himself and talks about his expertise.

[1:58] John introduces himself and shares about his role at Connection.

[3:20] What has changed in the call centers since March 2020?

[5:33] Brian talks about two big changes you can make to connect with doctors and organizations.

[7:35] John talks about the change in the landscape in terms of getting up to speed to meet the current demands of consumers.

[10:23] Brian talks about the particularities of a healthcare call center.

[12:13] Penny shares her own patient experience.

[12:45] Do health provides really understand the frustration that a patient can experience from the first point of contact?

[17:12] 2020 caused entire business transformation.

[20:35] What are the new technology tools that are provided by Vonage and Connection to enhance a better patient experience?

[24:22] John talks about journey mapping.

[25:49] John explains the importance of companies having the technology that allows them to be reliable, scalable, and accessible.

[30:21] How can organizations enhance the patients’ journey?

[31:24] IT needs to ensure the safety of the patient’s personal information.

[33:34] Brian talks about Vonage’s certification in regards to security compliance.

[37:04] It all starts with developing the right plan.

[40:17] Customers’ expectations that have changed this year will be forever changed.

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