Episode 83 – The Return to Office Series: Developing and Implementing a Return to Office Technology


Organizations across the country are taking on the enormous task of building strategies, policies, and technology-based solutions to return employees safely to the office.

Today’s episode is the first part of the new Return to Office Series, where Connection’s team will help you navigate the challenges ahead. The first segment of this series is about the ‘perception of’ and the ‘impact to’ employees, and the role the Human Resources department has in developing and implementing return to office technology.

Host: Penny Conway

Guest 1: Tony Dancona, Evangelist Digital Workspace and part of the Industry Solutions Group at Connection

Guest 2  Emily Hammond, Senior Director of Benefits and Compensation at Connection

Guest 3: Rob McIntosh, Marketing Manager for the Business Solution Group at Connection

Key takeaways:

[1:46] Tonny talks about his expertise.

[2:30] Emily introduces herself.

[3:10] Rob introduces himself and talks about his perspective as an end-user.

[4:25] Emily shares her experience as a professional in human resources about how employees are feeling about returning to their work at the office.

[6:06] As an employer be transparent about the reasons why you are asking people to come back to the office.

[7:30] Tony talks about the conversations that he is having with IT professionals about planning for return to the office.

[9:43] Rob shares his perspective as an employee who went back to the office.

[12:10] How do we bridge the gap between the new policies and the caring for employees?

[14:11] It is not all or nothing, certain people can return slowly to the office and some can stay working remotely following the company’s needs.

[15:50] Tony talks about the reality of going back to the office against the fear of feeling in a “big brother” space where employees are being constantly monitored.

[19:50] What does it look like from an employer perspective when an employee has a temperature and is sent home?

[24:19] Tony talks about the 6 main components of the return to office solution.

[28:36] This pandemic is going to define how corporate America is moving forward.

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