Episode 82 – Aruba Dissects the Impact of Wi-Fi 6: The Right Digital Strategy for an Easy to Deploy Wi-Fi Network


If you are a small business your digital strategy could make or break you this year. According to a recent study by McKinsey, 70 to 80% of B2B customers prefer a digital interaction in the age of a pandemic. The top performers and digital engagement with customers were video and live online chat. Do you have the Wi-Fi network to support the new keys to success?

Penny Conway, your host, welcomes Jason Burgeson, the expert from Systems Engineer for Aruba Networks, with over 10 years of IT & networking experience from deploying to designing.

In this episode, Jason talks about how to deploy a fast and secure WiFi network and how it may be easier than you think.

Host: Penny Conway

Guest: Jason Burgeson, Systems Engineer for Aruba Networks. 

Key takeaways:

[1:28] Jason introduces himself and his role at Aruba Networks.

[3:15] Where are businesses in general on their digital transformation journeys?

[7:23] Jason shares what he considers to be the starting point in figuring out how much Wi-Fi access a business needs to be able to sustain this model in the future.

[9:40] Jason talks about the difference between a solution built for businesses and the ones designed for homes.

[10:55] Jason talks about 5G and Wi-Fi 6 and how this new technology benefits small business owners.

[14:28] Jason compares WiFi 5 to Wifi 6.

[18:50] What is Aruba offering to small business owners?

[22:00] How does Instant On work?

[24:09] What kind of controls are in place in terms of how much bandwidth the users will be able to consume when they are using a business’ network?

[26:45] Jason talks about the matter of security.

[30:48] Jason shares the scalable features of the Instant On.

[31:16] Instant On has no subscription costs or licensing.

[32:10] Instant On offers 90 days of phone customer support.

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