Episode 77 – IT Modernization: Cisco and Intel Collaboration Makes Magic


HyperFlex: A Flexible and Efficient Way to Keep Everyone Connected and Providing the Best Experience

Organizations across the country are looking for flexible and efficient ways to keep remote workforces connected. Like many others, you might be wondering where to start. In today’s episode, we are going to dive into the data center with experts from Cisco and Intel as they help you decrease your latency and avoid bottlenecks by modernizing your IT infrastructure.

Guest 1: Marcel Guerrette – Cisco Solution Specialist, Data Center (Cisco Employee), has 17-year experience in IT in numerous technical pre and post-sales support roles to help customers with their Data Center solutions.

Guest 2:  Marc Sadinsky – Partner Account Manager at Intel Corporation, has 20 years of experience at Intel serving partner channels to deploy next-generation edge and data center solutions.

Key Takeaways

[1:40] What was going on pre-pandemic? What were they facing at the data center when the pandemic hit?

[4:16] How does IT modernization look like now?

[6:40] How does a customer evaluate what he should have today based on what is working and what’s not?

[9:09] Is there enough budget to do an IT modernization?

[11:55] Transformation means how you are going to run your business and adapt in times of pandemic.

[13:30] Why now is the time to modernize your IT.

[14:44] The flows have changed from within the network, then going out of it, and now coming back in.

[15:50] Have industries taken the next step to modernize their data center?

[18:55] What are the benefits of HyperFlex as a solution?

[20:25] Years of collaboration between Intel and Cisco resulted in the creation of HyperFlex, an integral solution to IT modernization.

[22:01] How does hot swap work?

[25:33] Prepare for the things you are not anticipating.

[26:31] Marc and Marcel share what motivates them now about this “new normal”.

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