Episode 74 – Elevate Your Zoom Experience, Zoom Simplicity Created by Poly Power


As we are approaching the change of the season both public and private sectors are looking to maximize the virtual experience. Remote work and learning are now inevitable, and better, easier, and more effective experiences are being created for learners and workers. Poly’s audio and video innovations make Zoom’s Voice and Video communications feel natural and work effortlessly. Poly provides a wide portfolio of Zoom Certified solutions, from room video to conference phones—for huddles spaces up to large rooms—and from headsets to desk phones. It is possible to make every experience a great one optimized for Zoom Meetings, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Phone.

Key takeaways

[1:20] Glenn Bevcar introduces himself to the audience.

[1:45] Bill Miller presents himself.

[2:32] Glenn and Bill talk about the challenges while enabling the new virtual environment.

[5:47] Zoom is a simple application that people knew how to use even before the pandemic.

[6:31] The close relationship between Poly and Zoom is bringing many benefits to consumers.

[7:54] Tips to create a better virtual experience.

[10:35] Bill and Glenn talk about the hassle of working with multiple platforms.

[14:01] Glenn talks about the different kinds of users and what feels and works better for each of them.

[16:54] How we work vs where we work.

[18:07] Ubiquitous communication regardless of which device you are using.: “The Work-Anywhere Syndrom”.

[19:42] The importance of video calls: We communicate more with our body language than with do with the words that we use.

[20:47] Bill gives an example of the benefits from the Poly and Zoom connection.

[22:31] The value of video.

[23:06] Are we going to be able to make the virtual space more natural and engaging with the use of technology?

[29:28] Technology must be simple to use, deploy, and manage.

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