Episode 73 – Teaching During the Pandemic – Cisco Roundtable on Distance Learning


The move to distance learning during the pandemic exposed a variety of issues facing education today, such as the lack of scalable, secure technology, the lack of access for various student populations as well as challenges for educators trying to teach in a new medium. Schools and colleges are now confronted with the reality that they need to address these challenges as they put hybrid learning models in place for the fall.

In today’s episode, James Hilliard, your host, is accompanied by Brad Saffer, Sean McCann, and Pam Aulakh, to give you valuable information about the current situation of education institutions and the factors they need to consider in their planning.

Key takeaways

[1:32] Pam shares her personal connection to education and career.

[2:03] Sean talks about his expertise in higher education.

[2:33] Brad talks about his current homeschooling experience.

[4:04] The great efforts of teachers during pandemic times.

[5:03] Pam talks about the challenges with regard to the availability of technology.

[6:27] What do schools need to do to prepare for the next school year?

[8:20] Creative ways for bridging the gap in getting more technology out to the learners.

[11:20] The perspective of an elementary school teacher and their students’ access to technology.

[12:45] The technology challenges for higher education students.

[13:50] Pam shares her thoughts about how to approach challenges regarding access to technology and training for students.

[17:27] Cisco is offering faculty training on how to structure content and how to provide an online experience that keeps students engaged.

[19:50] What kind of support are the teachers craving from their schools?

[21:19] Is higher ed. in a better place with regard to remote learning?

[23:19] The pandemic uncovered the fact that things can’t be done the same way in education.

[24:40] What should the future for education look like?

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