Episode 72 – CISCO Live Goes Virtual!


Like many events, CISCO Live went virtual this year for their 2020 conference, this two-day virtual event included recorded content, live keynotes, panel discussions, and more. CEO Chuck Robbins kicked off the event with a message that included a pledge to power an inclusive future for all.

In today’s episode, Penny Conway, your host is joined by Timothy Allen and Jonathan Copeland to break down this full event and share what CISCO has in store for 2020 and beyond.

Tim Allen has been in the IT Industry for over 30 years and has been with Connection for over 20 years. He currently leads our Networking Practice which is our engineering services team that works directly with our customers on technology implementations. Jonathan Copeland has also been in the IT Industry for over 30 years and has been with Connection for nearly 7 years. Jonathan is a Sr. Solution Architect with a focus on Data Center and Security. Additionally, he has been focused on Cloud and DevOps and recently achieved his Amazon AWS Solution Architect Associate certification. 

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Key takeaways

[1:18] Timothy Allen introduces himself, sharing his work at Connection.

[1:46] Jonathan Copeland presents himself and talks about his work at Connection.

[2:52] The CISCO event was held virtually and its participants certainly missed the live experience and social networking.

[3:33] What was enhanced at the CISCO virtual event?

[5:30] The highlights of the keynote session.

[7:01] CISCO found a new way to repurpose equipment to help COVID patients stay connected with their loved ones.

[8:18] The security advancements CISCO communicated during the event.

[12:05] How security was handled by most of the workforce working remotely?

[14:02] The security challenge of dealing with several devices some of them that cannot be controlled.

[15:15] CISCO is going to integrate third-party platforms.

[17:09] Powering an inclusive future for all.

[17:33] CISCO announces in regards to accessibility.

[20:11] CISCO is offering a free platform for learning about programming.

[23:48] Sneak preview of what we are going to see in 2021.

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