Episode 70 – The Modern Workplace: 8×8 Solution Awareness


The first wave of the pandemic triggered the acceleration of digital transformation, creating a playground of opportunity for cloud IT platforms. Your host, Penny Conway, is joined today by Orin Wentworth and John Fuhrman to talk about what forces are shaping communication and APIs in the new modern enterprise and how you can navigate them within your own organization. 

Key takeaways:

[1:21] Orin Wentworth introduces himself.

[1:55] John Fuhrman talks about himself and his role at Connection.

[2:49] UCaaS: Unified Communication As a Service

[3:44] CCaaS: Contact Center As a Service

[5:14] The need to create something that the customers need and enjoy interacting with.

[5:48] The evolution of call centers.

[8:49] What communication can be happening among organizations and consumers to ease business? How are they deciding when to use people or systems to attend the needs of consumers?

[14:45] The new way of the IT decision-makers: The opportunity to plug in to get towards the end result.

[16:08] We can bring you the prettiest service in the world, but if you don’t have the internet, it just won’t work.

[18:08] The matter of connectivity.

[21:06] Guaranteeing the equivalent of an HD television to cell phone calls.

[23:18] The preparation for the future of communications.

[26:29] 80% of organizations will make the transition to UCAS or CCAS within the next 18 months.

[29:51] Everything you need in a single subscription to do your job well.

[30:58] Connection is offering support for hybrid environments.

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