Episode 22 – Cisco tackles the Safe Schools issue with cutting edge technology


Episode 22 tackles the tough issue of how to make our schools more safe!  Traditional school security measures have not kept pace with today’s physical and digital threats. The threats to our students and educators are becoming more and more complex, and despite the significant investments already made, you want to do more to protect your educators, students, and staff from the threats of violence, intimidation, crime and cyber-attacks.

Cisco talks about some of the available technologies to help keep students and faculty safe including Meraki MV Cameras, Zebra Security card printers, Network Security and Informacast.

Our guest include a great panel from Cisco and Zebra

  1. Kayleigh Cassidy – Meraki Channel Account Manager
  2. Jay Gaworecki – Zebra Identity Solutions Manager
  3. Craig Cole – Cisco Safer School BDM (Remote call in)
  4. Tom Willoughby – Singlewire NE Territory Manager (Remote call in)
  5. Andre Stoykovich – Program Manager, Cisco Marketing

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