Dell Technologies: Solving IT Challenges

Andrea Ferrone

Today, IT professionals face many challenges throughout their day-to-day tasks that can have a critical impact on getting their jobs done. If they’re not quick enough to react, they’ll be left behind and not succeed in meeting the needs of their business.

Of course, every business’s missions and goals are unique, but for the IT professionals who are supporting these missions and goals, advanced technology means everything. Some of the challenges that can threaten the overall health of your business include new technology, cloud, virtualization, BYOD, energy efficiency, interoperability, and user systems.

Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Each day that IT professionals show up ready to work, they have to find a way to overcome these challenges and integrate the latest technology products and services with the infrastructure, employees, applications, devices, and even the customers, patients, students, and communities they’re serving. New technology means IT professionals must consider other options for managing their data and applications. Advancements in cloud computing are providing businesses with the ability to move data and applications off-site.

Virtualization is expanding and can provide IT professionals with a higher level of control for desktops, servers, switches, routers, and firewalls. Physical servers can now be virtualized to save space, hardware failure, time, and budget. These kinds of savings mean that data centers are becoming more energy efficient, which is a huge focus in our world today.

When IT professionals aren’t so focused on dealing with physical infrastructure, they can invest more of their time in enabling programs for employees to bring their own devices (BYOD). Today’s workforce requires the flexibility to use any device, for any application, in any location. Whether it’s desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, or smartphones, end users want the ability to make the choice based on which device suits them best. If there is no interoperability between each of the devices, the end user experience suffers.

Products and Solutions to Take You to the Next Level

Dell Technologies provides a portfolio stacked full of products and services to help IT professionals overcome the challenges they are facing. From end users to applications to security, cloud, infrastructure, services, and consumption—Dell Technologies can future proof your digital future and preserve your business goals. This is now possible because the Dell Tech umbrella includes Dell EMC, VMware, RSA, Pivotal, Virtustream, Secureworks, and so much more.

Dell Technologies continues to work hard to develop unique solutions that fit your needs. Focusing on scalability, flexibility, speed, and lowering costs means that IT professionals can become more proactive at their jobs. Implementing new technologies without the worry of increasing downtime is the key to a successful digital transformation.

Together, Dell Technologies and Connection can work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs. Our experts will work with you to correctly size, price, and deploy your solution from start to finish. The digital transformation is inevitable—we can help you get there!

Andrea is a Product Manager for Converged Data Center at Connection. In her free time, she enjoys running, working on her Jeep, and working on her goal to travel to every U.S. state.