Battling Storage Demands?

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2013 has been an exciting year for technology. The cloud has been seeded, BYOD has gone B-I-G, and solid state drive (SSD) use is driving the future. With 19 years under my belt at Kingston, I’ve seen trends come and go. And don’t let the fact I manage Kingston’s SSD Product Engineering Department lead you to believe I’m biased – but SSD is here to stay.

I have a few reasons for my theory. SSDs have no moving parts, do not use traditional magnetic storage, and can endure physical abuse. This makes them run more quietly, have a lower access time, and offer less latency than electromechanical disks. The list goes on.

I recently had the chance to speak with James Hilliard and Connection about the future of SSD technology and what every potential adopter should consider before introducing them to the data center. If you’d like to learn more about how SSDs can help you increase storage availability while lowering costs, click on the link below and listen to the podcast.

Listen to the Podcast

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