Azure Migrate: Are You Ready?

Stephanie Brenner

Today, 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using the Azure Platform in their IT landscape.

More and more organizations trust Microsoft to host their infrastructures, data, and applications. We are seeing a boom in using Azure as a cloud-hosting platform for businesses, both large and small. In my 8+ years of building Microsoft solutions, I see firsthand that the interest levels in Azure are growing exponentially. Not a day goes by that I am not speaking with clients about Azure services.

Three of the most common questions I get during an Azure discovery call include:

  • How can I use Azure services?
  • How do I move my resources to Azure?
  • How much will this all cost?

All these questions can be answered by engaging with Connection’s Cloud Advisors and Architects. For those organizations who have a current infrastructure, applications, or other workloads that they intend to migrate, Azure Migrate cloud migration services are for you!

Make Your Organization More Secure, Efficient, and Flexible

Azure Migrate is a free and easy to use hub within the Azure portal that can not only assess your current on-prem infrastructure to determine your Azure readiness, but there are also tools which can be utilized to migrate resources too. Supported resources for assessment and migration include VMware, VMs, Hyper-V VMs, physical servers, databases, web apps, and virtual desktops.

The first step to deploy the Azure Migrate appliance is to have an active Azure subscription. You may already have one set up from using other Microsoft cloud subscriptions. Your Connection Microsoft Solutions Specialist can get you set up through our Cloud Solution Provider program. The subscription itself has no cost associated, but rather, once you begin to consume billable services via Azure (VMs, storage, etc.), you will begin to be billed based upon your consumption.

The Azure Migrate appliance is an agentless tool that can be deployed as a physical or virtual server. The deployment of this appliance can be completed using a template or PowerShell.

This tool will collect data from your on-prem server environment to store in Azure, so that you can move forward with an Azure readiness assessment. Knowing the exact level of effort required to migrate your workloads to Azure is key to any successful cloud migration. In most cases, there are additional application dependencies that need to be analyzed to ensure all your infrastructure is moved to Azure in the proper order and no resource is left behind.

When you begin an Azure Migrate project, your data is encrypted to guarantee your sensitive information is secure. This data can be deleted when you delete the project.

How Can Connection Help?

Our team of Cloud Advisors, Solutions Architects, and Solution Specialists work side-by-side with you to deploy the Azure Migrate appliance and assist with the proper assessment to fit your migration plans. We have the know-how to sift through the collected data, provide best-practice recommendations, and give you the confidence you need every step of the way during the Azure migration process.

Additionally, we will review pricing estimates and how to right-size your environment. This cost optimization is invaluable. Without professional guidance, an Azure migration can become quite overwhelming. Every service within Azure has its own set of parameters to start using the service. Do you know all the different levels of redundancy and what they mean to your organization? Can you migrate a larger VM from on-prem to a smaller VM in Azure? If you don’t know the answers to these questions before starting your Azure journey, your monthly costs may be much higher than expected. We love to help right sizing Azure environments. We never want you to overspend or over deploy.

Need a Partner to Migrate Your Resources? We’ve Got You Covered!

Connection’s Cloud Advisors come with decades of experience in completing cloud migrations of all sizes. Let our team of experts work with you to scope out the breadth of your migration project and take on all or part of the work.

Stephanie is a Support Solutions Specialist at Microsoft. One of her favorite parts of this role is helping customers understand Microsoft solutions and how to make their lives easier. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys history, traveling, and karaoke.