Your Health Matters. Here’s How to Print Safely in the Home Office

Penny Conway

To put it lightly, a lot has changed in the past few months. Many of us came to the realization that we treated our homes like a rest stop instead of a destination. It’s possible that pre-pandemic you didn’t even have a printer in your house, but now it is a permanent fixture on your kitchen table. What you may not know is that this new centerpiece could be harmful to your health and the environment. Choosing the right ink and toner for your new printer could make all the difference.

Are All Ink Cartridges Created Equal?

Cheap alternative cartridges may fit your HP printer, but they may not have the investment in engineering that helps protect your indoor air quality. If your ink and toner cartridges don’t meet the same ecolabel standards as HP’s, they may be releasing emissions over the allowed limits. Those emissions could expose you and your family to potentially harmful levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are commonly found in household items like pesticide, aerosols, paint strippers, and other solvents. Long-term exposure could have adverse health effects that include eye, nose, and throat irritation or even damage to the liver, kidney, and central nervous system. Avoid potential dangers by always purchasing original HP supplies.

Staying Socially Responsible while Social Distancing.

Many of us try our best to be socially responsible and recycle when we can. Working from home doesn’t need to be a reason to abandon your recycling efforts. HP has spent years building their groundbreaking closed-loop supply chain that has recycled 875 million cartridges, 114 million clothes hangers, and 4.69 billion post-consumer plastic bottles out of landfills according to the HP 2019 Sustainability Report. That closed loop means that 50% of every ink cartridge is made of recycled plastics. So what do you do with those tiny ink cartridges? Send them back through the chain by mailing them to HP with fast and free shipping labels. They can be found either inside your new ink and toner box or are available through HP.

If you find yourself running low on supplies while at home, feel confident in replenishing with HP original ink and toner. With ecolabel standards that protect your family from harmful emissions and socially responsible recycling, you can feel good about your purchase. Need to restock? Head over to our supplies finder for an easy shopping experience with the added value of fast, free shipping on Original HP Ink and Toner! 

Penny Conway is currently the Product Manager for HP’s “as a service” solutions, such as device as a service and managed print services. She works with customers to identify contractual solutions to improve their day-to-day business outcomes. She also has extensive experience with Microsoft in Education at Connection, ensuring schools develop and successfully deploy Windows 10 to improve student and teacher outcomes. In addition to her everyday role, Penny hosts the Connection TechSperience podcast, covering hot topics in the tech industry.