What’s Driving Your Data Center Decisions?

Converged Data Center Survey Results

Kurt Hildebrand
Data Center

It should come as no surprise that truly agile organizations place a high value on having a modern data center that can support the latest applications, devices, and resources today’s users need to innovate and collaborate. In fact, 85% of organizations are pursuing a data center modernization strategy.* After all, as the heart of your organization’s operations, that data center – and its ability to support your business needs – informs some of your most important IT investment decisions. But how often do you evaluate the reasons behind those investment decisions? And how do your metrics stack up against your industry peers’ methods?

As a National Solutions Provider, Connection constantly asks those types of questions, searching for greater insight into our customers’ challenges. The data center is undoubtedly one of the biggest opportunities to learn about the unique goals of an organization. That’s why we recently partnered with leading technology research firm IDG to survey IT decision makers on key issues related to the converged data center, including:

  • Top business drivers of data center modernization
  • Factors that contribute to the development of a private cloud strategy
  • The most important infrastructure elements within the data center today

So what are your peers saying about their data centers? Download the complete infographic to find out.

*IDG May 17, 2016 TechPulse poll.