Software Upgrade

Windows 8.1 for Business: Is It Worth the Upgrade?

In this final installment of our Windows 8.1 series, we’ll get right down to it and let you know why we think this is the OS version that will make…

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Behold! The Start Button!

In this series, we’re presenting a first look at Windows 8.1. Today, we’ll be talking about the famous Start button. One of the major barriers to 8 adoption in the…

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Windows 8.1 First Impressions

There’s been something missing from the Windows 8 platform that gives a large number of our business customers pause, and we understand the concerns. Windows 8 was a radical departure…

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Adobe Is Changing the Software Licensing Game

In June 2013, Adobe reinvented itself by creating a new licensing model, the Value Incentive Program (VIP), which is a brand new way for Adobe to update its industry-leading lineup…

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