Episode 34 – Bet you didn’t know your printer could do that!

Who really cares about print and what can the modern printer really do?  Listen in as we discuss printer security, feeds and speeds and sustainability.  We cover the new world…

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Episode 33 – Generation Agnostic – A Round Table Discussion with Boomers to Gen Z

Join us for a fun round table discussion with representatives from the baby boomers to Gen Z!  Listen in to this new 2020 1-hour special and learn how technology has…

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Episode 32 – Hey Microsoft, We Want To Know – What Really Happens If We Don’t Upgrade from Windows 7?

January 14th is the marked End of Life to Windows 7. So what really happens if you decide not to upgrade from Windows 7 right away?  Experts from Connection’s Microsoft Practice…

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Episode 31 – 2020 Tech Trends in Retail – What’s Happening In Your Favorite Store?

TechSperience takes a close look at the latest tech trends in retail from mobility and digital signage to the entire store experience.  Brick and Mortar vs. “Click and Mortar”  Listen…

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Episode 30 – What the Tech Just Happened December 19, 2019

Our 2nd installment of the weekly podcast of “What the Tech Just Happened?” on the TechSperience podcast channel.  Penny and Rob take a look at the emerging careers spawned by…

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