Episode 26 – HP and Sustainability – Going Green With a Tech Leader

What you don’t know will make you happy!  Tech companies are driving positive environmental change.  Listen to this inspiring podcast and learn how one tech mogul is making environmental decisions…

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Episode 25 – A Cure For the Conference Room Blues

It’s the age of the “Smart Office”.  Transformation comes at all levels and when time = money, it’s been estimated that businesses waste 34 Billion dollars a year in lost…

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Episode 24 – A meeting room system that brings collaboration to new hypes

TechSperience explores a new edition to today’s meeting room.  Lenovo’s break-through technology and partnership with Microsoft Teams, offers a full collaboration solution that meets the needs of small to medium…

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Episode 23 – Riding the Cloud Experience with On-Premise Control and Saving Bundles of Money Along the Way!

We take you to the cloud and back with a consumption model that helps you implement on-demand services so you can kick the IT head-aches to the curb. GreenLake Flex…

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Episode 22 – Cisco tackles the Safe Schools issue with cutting edge technology

Episode 22 tackles the tough issue of how to make our schools more safe!  Traditional school security measures have not kept pace with today’s physical and digital threats. The threats…

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