Episode 48 – The Effects of the Coronavirus on Technology

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the material discussed in this episode is of a timely nature and the situation around COVID-19 is fluid and fast moving. In the short time that elapsed…

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Episode 47 – A Look at 5G Now and When!

Matt Skoog joins us in the studio and shares his knowledge of 5G technology.  Where it is now, where it’s going and a look at the different networks – Not…

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Episode 46 – What the Tech Just Happened

Taking a look at the latest in tech with some insights and some laughs.  This weeks episode discusses what’s happening with Tech salaries, Amazon’s new cashierless Amazon Go stores, Warren…

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Episode 45 – What the Tech Just Happened

Rumbles in the Cloud. Cloud wars heat up – Who’s currently on top?  Who’s not? What companies are investing and emerging as leaders in this lucrative space we call the…

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Episode 44 – What the Tech Just Happened

Chaos in Iowa – The tech malfunction that rocked the Democratic caucuses.  From a new app glitch to jammed phone lines.  Technology in all it’s glory can present unexpected consequences…

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