Cloud Computing

Are You Ready for a VDI Initiative?

For anyone who has thought about VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), this might be the perfect time to take it from idea to implementation. Of course to do it well, you’ll…

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Overcome Your Cloud Security Woes

There is no one-size-fits-all version of cloud technology when it comes to real-world applications. Cloud computing technologies are like raw materials that you can combine in multiple ways to achieve…

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How to Take Your Business to the Cloud

More than likely, your organization is thinking about building – or has already started down the road to building – a cloud computing solution. There are a lot of questions…

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Optimize Your VMware Licensing

Are you thinking about virtualization or expanding your virtual environment? Does saving time and money when you’re buying VMware products appeal to you? VMware offers a variety of purchasing programs…

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Data Center

Support Virtualization by Upgrading Your Data Center Memory

Like most organizations, you’re probably exploring server virtualization or contemplating making the move to the cloud. As you look to the future of your data center, one important thing you…

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