October Is National Cyber Security Month

Simple Steps to Online Safety

Stephen Nardone
Stephen Nardone

Once again this year, the federal government has designated October National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). I’m sure you’re all aware of the several high-profile data breaches that have occurred this year, perhaps most notably, the Equifax breach. When Equifax was hacked, the private information, including Social Security numbers, of nearly half the country was exposed. No one wants to see a security incident of that magnitude. That’s one of the reasons why NCSAM feels especially vital this year.

At Connection, we’re using the month of October to help educate our customers on the importance of cyber security, as well as to provide them with the tools and resources needed to ensure their organization’s data remains secure.

In this first week, the theme is exploring a few simple steps to online safety. Security cannot be an afterthought any longer. Everyone must take steps to ensure their information remains safe online. Throughout the week, we will discuss top consumer cyber security concerns, as well as provide simple steps to protect against theft of your identity and data, and tips for bouncing back if your data is compromised.

Stay tuned for upcoming topics: cyber security in the workplace, today’s predictions for tomorrow’s Internet, careers in cyber security, and protecting critical infrastructure from cyber threats. Also, be sure to check back this week for more on the steps you can take to secure your information online.

Connection is on the front lines helping to secure organizations against possible data breaches. The threat is real and ever-present.  Our solutions and services help you defend against external threats as well as internal negligence to ensure your valuable data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

If you’d like to learn more or share your cyber security story, leave a comment below. Our experts will weigh in with advice on how you can better protect yourself and your organization.

Stephen Nardone

Stephen Nardone, CISSP, is Director of Security Practice at Connection with over 38 years of experience in both the government side and the commercial side of the security business.