Making the Jump to Big League Productivity

When, Why, and How to Boost Performance with Workstations

Camden Haley
Camden Haley

Does your organization have a group of power users who push their machines right to the limits of performance? If they’re maxing out desktops with demanding computational requirements and graphics-intensive applications, chances are those users are working on important projects that have the potential to significantly impact your bottom line.

Why jeopardize your business goals by extending mission-critical project timelines because your key teams don’t have access to the right tools? Delaying infrastructure upgrades or trying to “get by” with legacy equipment could cost you money instead of saving it.

If your users are taxing their systems to the limit, perhaps it’s time to consider adding workstations to your fleet. Start the conversation between IT and your power users to find out which environments could benefit most from a productivity boost. An assessment is another great way to get the ball rolling.

As the Partner Brand Manager for Lenovo, I’ve seen many organizations make the leap from desktop PCs to workstations. Lenovo’s ThinkStation line addresses many of the common concerns customers have when it comes to finding a system that fits seamlessly into their environment. What kind of processing power do I need? Which graphics option is best for my users? How important is ISV certification?

The right workstation is the one that offers your IT staff the flexibility they need to customize components quickly and easily and enables the performance your end users require. Lenovo’s new ThinkStation P300 delivers that customization and power – plus the affordability that puts it all within reach.

If you’re considering adding to your fleet with a new workstation, listen to our podcast with Rodney Holder, Lenovo Ambassador, as he discusses the Lenovo ThinkStation P300 with Intel® Xeon® processors and how it can help you boost performance and realize greater cost savings.

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Camden Haley

Camden is a Product Line Manager at Connection with more than 10 years of experience in client hardware. In his free time, Camden enjoys camping.