Tony Dancona

Tony Dancona is the Digital Workspace Evangelist at Connection, with over 25 years of experience in servers, virtualization (server and desktop), and private cloud.

Simplify Application Management with VMware App Volumes

Application management – provisioning, delivering, and updating end users’ apps – can be a challenge for many organizations. Whether you’re still managing physical desktops or you’ve made the switch to…

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Master the Modern Application Lifecycle

Want to defeat the rising cost of PC management, solve application management problems, and allow your customers to easily create a stateless desktop that equates to a great end-user experience?…

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Start Your VDI Journey Today

Desktop virtualization is one of the hottest buzz words in IT these days, and if you’re like a lot of organizations, you’re considering taking some of your infrastructure virtual. At…

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Data Center

VDI Fundamentals

I’m sure by now you’ve heard all about VDI and why it’s good for you – which is why I want to dig a little deeper and cover some things…

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VDI: Past and Present

There have been a lot of changes in desktop virtualization in the past year or so. Where once we were pretty happy if we could deliver a virtual desktop directly…

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