stephanie neal

Stephanie has been reporting on business and technology topics for over 20 years. Her news and feature stories have appeared in a variety of print and online publications, including eWeek, Managing Automation, Automation World, TechTarget, and The Boston Globe. Today, Neil is both an independent writer and founder of a Boston-based social media services company for small business.

Data Storage that Enables the Mobile Enterprise

Enterprise mobility means many things. It’s the bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon that has employees downloading business apps to their personal smartphones. It’s the traveling executive connecting her notebook…

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A Sunny Outlook for Cloud Storage

Any organization embarking upon an IT modernization effort – be it for an XP upgrade, an infrastructure consolidation after an acquisition, or a legacy system swap-out – must factor storage…

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XP Migration: The Right Partner Can Make a Big Difference

Time’s up! As of April 8, 2014, XP is obsolete. If you are reading this and you still have not made the move, you’re not alone. According to a recent…

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From XP to Windows 7

When I upgraded to Windows 8 a few months after its launch in August 2012, it was an accident. I had just purchased a new computer and downloaded the latest…

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XP Migration: Security is Job 1

When Microsoft abandons ship on Windows XP support on April 8, 2014, it will not be patching security holes, which means your Internet-connected computer will be a defenseless piece of…

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